Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Unusual Ledger Construction

Some years ago I happened on several rolls of a canvas-backed slitted paper in a bankrupt bindery in North Dakota. They had at one time made large ledgers for county records, and while hauling away a treasure trove of tools, I saved a few of their ledgers and the rolls of material.

This past month, a ledger arrived for repair that used this now unusual method; the cloth being folded into a continuous Z and each section being sewn to the peaks. It's an interesting way to solve a real problem: how to make a strong flexible binding that will open ALL the way to the fold. I have "Portland Guard" stuck in my head as the name of the hinge material, but would love to hear from anyone that can tell me more! The pictures show a view from the spine, an intact ledger opened, the "Portland Guard" unrolled, and a view of what remains of the spine after the sections have been removed for mending.

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