Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Moby Dick: An alum-tawed whale with details burned in.

Moby Dick: Bob Roberts & Jennifer McQuistion. Bound in blue morocco.  Blind tooled, with silver palladium fish.

Romaunt of the Rose. This piece was Jennifer's introduction to restoration. The textblock needed some mending and resewing. Jennifer did pretty  much everything but the tooling!

A few of the books bound with Jennifer McQuistion of the Brown Dog Bindery through a partnership with the Tennessee Arts and Crafts Association and the Master Artist Apprenticeship Program. After months of training, design, sewing, paring, trimming, carving, pasting, fixing, re-fixing, re-designing, painting, covering, and tooling, we finished the program with a three-day blitz of bookbinding to get these ready for the gallery deadline. It was a great experience! Jennifer has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to future collaborations!