Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Miniature Books published in Kingsport, Tennessee

At only 9/16" x 3/4" (19x14mm) these are the smallest books we've worked on. They were published by the Training Division of the Kingsport Press in Tennessee and came with a brass bookshelf, two covers brittle and detached and one cover missing. They're real books (142 pages for George Washington) with leather turned in and gold tooling.  We made new leather covers of morocco pared paper thin and laid original parts over for two, tooling the third. The titles are Extracts from the Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge, 1930; Washington, His Farewell Address, 1932; Addresses of Abraham Lincoln, 1929. The last picture puts them in context with a somewhat large book also on the bench: Hayden's Geographical and Geological Atlas of Colorado. 27" high by 20.5" wide.